Letter from the 2016-18 President of AAAPD

Dear AAAPD members, partners and friends,  I would like to start by thanking you for your continued support and partnership with the Association of Agricultural Professionals in the Diaspora (AAAPD), since our official launch in 2008.  It is your continued support and good partnership, coupled with a very devoted Board of Directors, that has ensured that our association continues to grow and experience success during the past 8 years, as we pursue our vision of "Transforming African smallholder agriculture through resource mobilization, intermediate technology intervention, information dissemination, and networking”. I am very honored to serve as the President for this new term starting Jan 2016. The legacy of AAAPD began in 2006 when the Founding Board Members saw

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A Thriving Transplant, from Zimbabwe to Massachusetts

 No doubt about it, Peter Jeranyama knows how to help plants grow. As an Extension assistant professor, he introduces undergraduate students at the Stockbridge School of Agriculture at the UMass Amherst campus to plant physiology. Through his research work as an environmental plant physiologist at the UMass Cranberry Station in East Wareham, Jeranyama is developing best management practices to protect fragile cranberry plants from frost damage and objective approaches to cranberry irrigation. He has had major success with a new management technique called ‘frost cycling.’ Jeranyama measures moisture in the soil with constant monitoring devices and develops parameters for how remote irrigation should be triggered.  He also examines ways in which growers can cycle irri

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Professor George Washington Carver Chair

In the spirit of George Washington Carver George Washington Carver was a brilliant scientist and educator who helped farmers with ideas he worked on when he was a student and faculty member at Iowa State. His research changed how we look at crop applications – and his teaching inspired students to become the best versions of themselves. And while it’s been more than 110 years since Carver completed his bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Iowa State, his spirit here still lives on. It lives on through professors like Andrew Manu, professor of agronomy, who embodies what Carver was about – making a difference in the lives of others. Professor Manu is the first person to be appointed the George Washington Carver Chair at Iowa State, which recognizes his dedicati

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Southern Africa Trip

 Dr. Edmund Mupondwa, Dr. Stephen Machado, and Dr. Peter Jeranyama travelled to Southern Africa to meet with African counterparts and discuss ways AAAPD could participate in the development of African agriculture. 

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Kampala Ministerial Conference on Higher Education in Agriculture in Africa (CHEA)

 Daniel Karanja & Peter Jeranyama’s Report on Kampala Ministerial Conference on Higher Education in Agriculture in Africa (CHEA), Munyonyo Kampala 15 – 19th November 2010

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PAEPARD supports ARD Diaspora

 28 September 2012. PAEPARD organised an expert meeting on the ARD Diaspora (back to back to an SLU conference on ARD) between the Association of African Agricultural Professionals in the Diaspora (AAAPD) US chapter and the AAAPD European chapter at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet). Read more.

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