About Us

Dr. Dianah R. Ngonyama
President ( Southern Africa/Animal Nutrition )

 Dr. Dianah Ngonyama holds a PhD in Dairy Science (Nutrition – Corn Quality traits) from University of Wisconsin-Madison, MSc in Animal and Forage Science from University of Reading, UK and a BSc. Hons in Agriculture (Animal Science) from the University of Zimbabwe. She also hold an MBA from Maryville University, Chesterfield, MO with a focus on global leadership. Dianah is registered as a Professional Dairy Scientist in the American Registry of Pr

Andrew Manu
Past-President ( Agronomy, Iowa State University )

 Dr. Andrew Manu is the current President of AAAPD. Andrew Manu is originally from Ghana and he obtained his BS degree in Agriculture with specialization in soil science from the University of Ghana. He further received his MS and Ph.D degrees from Iowa State University. He served as Project Leader for the USAID –funded Soil Management Collaborative Research Support Program in the West Africa Sahel through Texas A&M University.He moved on to Al

Dr. Peter Jeranyama
US - Europe Liaison, Past President ( Southern Africa/Crop Physiology & Water Management )

Peter Jeranyama is the current US - Europe Liaison Director and a founding member of the association. Peter’s mother is an active smallholder farmer and she raised him on the farm. Peter’s passion for smallholder agriculture was shaped earl

Dr. Stephen Machado
Communications and Information Director ( Southern Africa/Crop Physiology/Agronomy )

 Stephen Machado holds a PhD in Agronomy/Crop Physiology from Kansas State University, a MS in Crop Physiology from Reading University in England, a BS in General Agriculture and a Diploma in Animal Science both from the University of Swaziland. Stephen was Principal Research Officer at the Department of Research and Specialist Services in Harare, Zimbabwe conducting research on wheat and barley for 10 years. He also was the Principal Investigator of a P

Dr. Daniel Karanja
African Outreach Director ( Partnership to Cut end End Poverty in Africa )

Dr. Daniel D. Karanja is a Senior Fellow with the Partnership to Cut Hunger and Poverty in Africa, a research-based advocacy organization focused on increasing the level and effectiveness of U.S. development assistance and investments in Africa’s agriculture and rural development. Dr. Karanja is the Partnership’s Co-chair of the Working Group on Capacity Building in Science and Technology and leads the Pa

Dr. Edmund Mupondwa
Canada Outreach and General Manager ( Central Africa/Agricultural Economics & Business Administration )