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Youth and Agriculture


Consideration of the youth as future farmers in Africa has not received adequate attention. Indigenous African knowledge (IK) and wisdom embedded with current farmers is being lost, as farmers hardly interact with the youth. Efforts are needed to capture and make accessible this knowledge, experience and wisdom so that the youth, who are the growers, producers, researchers, entrepreneurs, policy makers and educators in agriculture, can benefit from it.

The 4H programs at US Land Grant Universities have been very successful at engaging communities from school age. The 4-H Youth Development Education creates supportive environments for culturally diverse youth and adults to reach their fullest potential.  In support of their objectives which are to;

Provide formal and non-formal community focused experiential learning

Develop skills that benefit youth throughout life

Foster leadership and volunteerism in youths and adults

Build internal and external partnerships for programming and funding

Strengthen families and communities

Use research-based knowledge and the University System.

AAAPD will work with local partners to promote, through 4-H clubs in schools, a more interactive environment where the youth and their parents learn together and share experiences, including cultural ramifications, as a means of a systematic indigenous knowledge transfer. AAAPD will also adapt successful experiences elsewhere of prompting interest in agriculture among the youth. Partnering with programs such as the U.S. Land Grant Universities 4-H Clubs, this effort will facilitate provision of community focused agriculture experiential learning and develop agricultural skills and foster youth leadership. This program will also strengthen families and communities around agriculture, and encourage use of research-based and indigenous knowledge.