What We Do

Policy and Advocacy


     Advocacy & Communication

AAAPD has identified four broad program areas of engagement and these are (i) Youth and Community, (ii) Gender, (iii) Institutional and Human Capacity Building in Business and Agricultural Research, Extension and Training (RET’s), and (iv) Advocacy and Communication. Below is AAAPD's approach to Advocacy:


Informing US/Canada & other International Agricultural Policy and Program Dialogue

Making programs and policy relevant to African agricultural development

Providing a platform for strengthening African voice and perspective in local and international discussions and deliberations

African intermediary leader’s participation in US/Canada and other international agricultural development platforms

Engaging African policy decision makers and advocating for greater investments in agricultural development; e.g. AU/CAADP/NEPAD, REC’s, NARS, RUFORUM, etc.


AAAPD as a resource base to US/Canada, public, private & civil sectors on Africa’s development needs and opportunities

Partnership with multinationals, NGO’s, Foundations, etc. on issues such as fair-trade to ensure that there is trickle down effects

Developing an Efficiency Index on development assistance/grants

Engagement with US/Canada farmers on philanthropic efforts with regards to Africa

Be engaged with farmer-to-farmers programs such as the Foods Resource Banks.