What We Do

Capacity Building


     Institutional and Human Capacity Building in Business & Agricultural RET’s

AAAPD has identified four broad program areas of engagement and these are (i) Youth and Community, (ii) Gender, (iii) Institutional and Human Capacity Building in Business and Agricultural Research, Extension and Training (RET’s), and (iv) Advocacy and Communication. Below is AAAPD's approach to Capacity Building

 Institutional Capacity Building

-Strengthening linkages between US/Canada with African Institutions, creating platforms for leveraging funding, catalyzing & seeking new solutions to existing agricultural constraints

-Catalyzing implementation of new agricultural innovations such as; IT (mobile phones for banking, market information, remote sensing for weather information, satellite, broad bandwidth for internet connectivity)

-Engagement in the area of Science & Technology (e.g. Biotechnology & Sustainable Agriculture)

-Food Safety (initial sensitization then building capacity/ competence)

Infrastructure Building at African Institutions

- Building information technologies and using schools as pilot centers

- Upgrading laboratory facilities and equipment at African institutions

- Team up with technology savvy institutions in US/Canada such as MIT—use of leap frogging technologies

Human Resources Development

- Sabbaticals, mentorship, contact leave

- Consultancies

- Graduate student funding

- Targeted training/ workshop / professional development (retooling)

- Enabling course materials to be available on line to our African universities/ colleges/ schools

- Involvement in distance education or short convergence training in Africa or elsewhere.


Direct involvement of the Diaspora 

- Brain gain /brain circulation—providing a platform for African Diaspora to engage directly on African projects

- A place to share experiences

- Strengthening African Diaspora Networks, mentoring and programs